Enkeboll Designs. Fine Architectural Wood Products.

  • Enkeboll Products

    Enkeboll Products are the "Gold Standard" in architectural woodcarving and is uniquely qualified to serve as a trusted resource for projects that demand the best. You can rest assured that great pride was taken in every aspect from material section, to procurement, to production, to consistently provide you with a superior product.
  • Builders Series

    Builders Series sets a new standard for your daily architectural woodcarving. This complete offering allows you to add a "custom signature" to any design without breaking the budget. This distinguished line is not only alluring in design and quality but is accessible for any size project.
  • EnkeThane

    EnkeThane Urethane is molded from high density polyurethane and is shipped with a double coat of primer. Enkethane captures the essence and details of fine architectural millwork at a fraction of the price. Enkethane is a similar density to Pine and can be used interior or exterior.
  • Collections

    Enkeboll Designs products quality is second to none. Our breadth and style collections makes completing your project beautifully. We offer several product types, like molding, corbels, and finials with designs that compliment each other in elegant collections. View our collections by style and then choose which product types you need for your project.