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About Enkeboll

In 1956, Raymond Enkeboll began the company as a furniture shop in Los Angeles: an emphasis on quality and devotion to detail quickly established the brand as an industry standout. In the late 1980’s , the company’s focus began to shift to the design of architectural woodcarvings and embellishments carved out of the finest red oak and hard maple. The intent was to create embellishments that could enhance a variety of settings.

Each new piece begins as a sketch; the experienced design team envisions how it will translate three dimensionally. With the help of sophisticated carving equipment, hand-selected raw lumber is then expertly shaped and sanded into exquisite forms; Enkeboll takes great pride in its products. From material selection, to procurement, to production, Enkeboll goes to great lengths to produce product of superior quality. The most challenging and painstaking part of the process is the raw lumber selection. We strive for 100% clarity and color match eliminating mineral streaks, knots, and color variations between pieces of wood originating from different parts of the tree. Each piece is individually inspected prior to shipping and the craftsman puts his personal signature on the back of every piece as if the piece was his own. Orders are shipped directly from the company’s Carson, California manufacturing facility in environmentally-safe packing.

Today, the company's product line has expanded to include over 1,000 items produced by talented and dedicated employees. The lifeblood of the company is its products, and Enkeboll has always led the way in innovation, quality and meticulous attention to detail. We know that our customers are always searching for fresh, new designs to incorporate into their projects.

Moving ahead into the future, Enkeboll looks forward to a continued tradition of quality and excellence, providing our customers with new as well as classic styles to complement their projects. We will work hard to maintain our reputation as the Gold Standard in Architectural Woodcarvings.

Enkeboll Timeline


Raymond Enkeboll starts his own business making early American Style Furniture.


Raymond Enkeboll designs and manufactures the "Antigua Collection." The collection sparked the Spanish Mediterranean furniture trend in Southern California - and beyond. The collection consisted of dining room sets, credenzas, etc.

  • The very popular, high-end, and heavily carved furniture line expands to headboards and four poster beds.
  • Enkeboll moves factory to Spring St. in Chinatown, Los Angeles.
  • 15 employees


Home Décor Line (accessories) is launched. This line includes carved accents such as paper towel holder, spice, wine, and magazine racks.


  • Furniture line continues to grow and expands into other designs of beautifully carved and detailed pieces.
  • Raymond moves factory to newly designed building (designed by Raymond Enkeboll himself). Location: Carson, California. "Carson Castle" is built.
  • 55 employees.
  • As the "Castle" is being built, Raymond sees a need for architectural solid wood elements. Converts some of his furniture components into such elements.
  • Furniture line continues through the late 80's.


Raymond begins to develop a line of architectural wood elements.

  • Launch of the full architectural woodcarving line.


Collection includes coordinated pieces (corbels, moldings, panels, stair parts, and onlays) carved in floral, grape, shell, and oakleaf motifs manufactured in the finest quality red oak and maple. Raymond's intent was to design magnificent elements with a diverse range which could be used in limitless combinations.

  • The new architectural line begins to grow in popularity.


150 employees.

  • With the passing of Raymond, a second generation of Enkebolls continues the tradition.
  • The Company's product line expands to over 600 items. Available in seven different wood species.
  • Facilities expand to over 80,000 square feet.
  • Over 220 employees.