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Enkeboll Uses Only the Finest Woods

All of our woodcarvings are crafted using the finest North American hard woods. We carefully reselect for the clearest color and grain match.

When ordering please specify if clear staining, so efforts can be made to minimize natural color variation and mineral stain.

Wood Types:

Standard Woods



Red Oak


Special Woods

White Oak


Black Walnut

The EnkeFlex® Collection

Introducing EnkeFlex®, a flexible option from Enkeboll. Vastly different than traditional wood carvings, EnkeFlex® flexes to fit radius contours and shapes. EnkeFlex®is made from polymer resin, it looks identical to carved wood and can be painted or stained to match any color. Perfect for interior and exterior applications, it will not deteriorate and doesn’t contain joints that can crack and open over time. The EnkeFlex® series captures the essence and details of a wide range of wood designs, making it a perfect solution.